Oh? So you're approaching me?

I'm just a random person on the internet who has interests| Leon/Leo |
| he/they | 23 | genderfluid trans male | autistic |
[Birthday: December 2nd]
"Memes and smiles make the world go round"

About Me

My name is Leon and I'm a genderfluid trans male who has autism. My pronouns are he/they.I'm a traditional artist, cartoonist, writer, voice actor, and a composer.I also sometimes die inside.
(Pretend I didn't say that, ok?)
When I am not drawing or practicing on voice acting, I am busy either writing or making music. My music taste comes from video gamesI like to write fanfics and I am in the process of creating two projects and bringing them into the light one day

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Other social media

Twitter: @RealLbat1901
Tumblr: Lbat1901
Newgrounds: Lbat1901
Instagram: Lbat1901
Discord tag: Lbat1901#7647
Ao3: Lbat1901
Wattpad: Lbat1901
Quotev: Lbat1901
Fanfiction.Net: Lbat1901
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All of my written work [in order]
[feel free to ask me about any of them]~~~~~~~~~~~

- Hetalia: The Lost World
(written in 2015 | released on June 23rd 2018 | ended on October 29th 2018)
- The Real Reason Why
(written in March 2018 | released on May 14th 2018 | ended on June 27th 2018)
- How Tom Stole Christmas
(written in October 2018 | released and ended in November 2018)
- Eddsworld: At World's End
(written in October 2018 | released on January 10th 2019 | ended on April 11th 2019)
- Dropshot
(written in December 2018 | released on February 4th 2019 | completed on July 31st 2019)
- Eddbusters
(written in July 2019 | released on October 8th 2019 | ended on December 12th 2019)
- Eddsworld: Untold Tales From The Future
(written in February 2019 | released on January 10th 2020 | ended on April 14th 2020)
- The Night of the Beaster Bunny
(written in February 2021 | released March 2021 | finished on April 26th 2023)
-Dropshot 2
(written in November 2019 | released on December 23rd 2021 | finished on TBA)