Oh? So you're approaching me?

I'm just a random person on the internet who has interests

| they/them | genderfluid + trans | aspie |
[Birthday: 12/02]


I work with a lot of things. I draw, write, meme, compose music, and die inside.

I am a genderfluid trans male who uses they/them pronouns. I'm also have Aspergers which is apart of the Autism spectrum.

For drawing things, I do traditional art. I draw some original art and fanart. I sometimes do digital art.

Now when it comes to writing, I mostly do fanfics for all of the fandoms that I am in. However, I am currently in the process of making my own series. Once getting all the details in, I will be talking about it.

Sometimes when I am not writing or drawing, I am currently composing music. Most of it is based off of video games which are my inspiration.

When I am not working on neither of those things, I am busy with either school or writing a review on a topic that I like. Sometimes I write about real world things or make comedic skits.

Half the time, I am making memes which can be total cringe at times. Funny that I mention it, my motto is: "Memes, cringe, and smiles make the world go round". Oh and uh, cringe culture is dead so there's that.

// Do not interact if: //

You police people's pronouns
You think that pronouns = gender
Cancel Culture Supporter
Austim Speaks Supporter
PETA Supporter
Animal abuser
Furry hater
Porn bot
Ace exclusionist
Nazi/Nazi apologist
KKK member/supporter
You're against Neo-pronouns
You're against he/him lesbians
You're against BLM
You're against ACAB

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Ao3: Lbat1901
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Discord tag: Lbat1901#7647
Fanfiction.net: Lbat1901
Instagram: Lbat1901
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Twitter: @RealLbat1901
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List of the things that I have written (in order):

Hetalia: The Lost World
(written in 2015 | completed in April 2018 | released on June 23rd 2018 | ended on October 29th 2018)

The Real Reason Why
(written in March 2018 | completed on April 25th 2018 | released on May 14th 2018 | ended on June 27th 2018)

How Tom Stole Christmas
(written in October 2018 | released and ended in November 2018)

Eddsworld: At World's End
(written in October 2018 | completed in December 2018 | released on January 10th 2019 | ended on April 11th 2019)

(written in December 2018 | completed in April 2019 | released on February 4th 2019 | completed on July 31st 2019)

Eddsworld: Untold Tales From The Future
(written in February 2019 | completed in November 2019 | promo debut: February 13th 2019 | released on January 10th 2020 | ended on April 14th 2020)

(written in July 2019 | completed in September 2019 | released on October 8th 2019 | ended on December 12th 2019)